The 2023 annual Czech-Slovak Symposium on Analytic Philosophy took place on 11–13 September 2023 at Comenius University’s Faculty of Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. Organized, in part, in the framework of Conditio, it included a number of talks on the project’s subject matter.

  • František Gahér’s presentation on “Normative Conative Facts” introduced, in detail, the application of a perfect legal norm in order to analyze the nature of conative facts.

  • Dalibor Makovník (“Some Explanatory Issues with Woodward’s Notion of Intervention”) focused on problems with Woodward’s counterfactual theory of explanation, namely, the revised notion of intervention.

  • Vladimír Marko’s talk, titled “What Do Subconditionals and Counterfactuals Have in Common?”, analyzed subconditionals and their basic properties and dealt with the question whether this type of conditionals has the same counterfactual model as conditionals with material implication.

  • Finally, in his presentation, Filip Tvrdý (“The Mismatch between Morphosyntax and Semantics of Conditional Sentences”) attempted to show that the semantic analysis of conditionals does not fully correspond to their morpho-syntactic analysis and proposed a changes to Slovak and Czech terminology in this field.

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